So, now a bit about me…

Lilith – John Collier (1887)

Hello again,

Now that you know some of the basics of Satanism / Luciferianism (from here on out I will group them together as LHP unless a distinction is necessary) I can tell you a bit about myself and my personal beliefs.


I suppose one of the first thing I should mention is that I am not a member of any order, church, temple, or organization. I have never been initiated or baptized into any belief system or religion, and I fully intend to keep it that way. Everything I state or believe is personal to me, I do not claim to speak for anyone other than myself. Order’s, churches, and temples can be wonderful things at certain times, but in general I feel that dogmatically organized religion leads to stagnation.

(Unfortunately, this is a necessary note:)

To any of you who have heard or read silly rumors about the “ILLUMINATI” or the dreaded “New World Order”; I’m sorry to disappoint you, but that whole idea is absolutely hilarious, not just to myself but to every follower of the LHP I’ve ever met or spoken to. (Seriously, not to be mean to anyone that has been sucked into that, but it has lead to a lot of jokes).


Anyway here goes:


I define myself as a Theistic Luciferian. I believe that there is a “deity” (or possibly just a current of energy), which humans throughout history have referred to as Satan, Lucifer, Set, Prometheus, etc… basically I believe that this deity or energy is able to help lead the human mind to knowledge, strength and complete empowerment.

I consciously chose to use the term Luciferian rather than Satanist to try and avoid some of the cognitive “gut reactions” that the word satanist causes. I believe that as far as Christianity is concerned, they used both names for the same entity. Lucifer was one of god’s favored angels, but once he “fell” he was called Satan, which just means adversary. The way I see it, the name Satan was used as an insult, similar to referring to him as an “asshole”.

Actually this brings a basic theology question to mind, I’d like you to consider if you’re willing:

If god creates each angel with a purpose (Michael, the warrior, Lucifer the light bringer, etc…) then how would Lucifer have “rebelled” in a negative sense?

My belief is that if Lucifer was created to shed light and knowledge, then it stands to reason that such desires drive his every action. The only logical reason he would “rebel”, especially against his beloved creator, is if God’s intentions for man were different than his (which I personally believe is represented by the story of Adam and Eve).

I don’t expect to change anyone’s mind, I just think it’s a perspective that doesn’t often get considered.

Anyway, as I was saying, I never refer to Lucifer as Satan in my work, I personally believe it would disrespectful. Wanting to be respectful does not mean that I worship anyone. I do not, and have never “worshiped” Lucifer, or “sold” my soul.

Seems like a pretty silly concept to me =)

I believe that we as humans are created with with same potential as any “deity” that we’ve come to recognize. I’m certainly not going to sell off my potential to anyone, it doesn’t matter whether his name is God or Lucifer.

I serve no one but myself, but I have a respect for the knowledge that the LHP has lead me to. I respect Lucifer (Set, Promethius, etc…) for what he represents and what he has helped me manifest in my life.

Thoth Tarot – Trump XIV, Art. Aleister Crowley (Symbol of the concept of balance, alchemy, and essentially creation)

Thank you again for stopping by, I hope you found something of interest. Please comment or message me with any questions or concerns. All feedback would be much appreciated!

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