Enlightenment and the WHOLE Left Hand Path

I have seen a lot of vitriol and hatred between segments of what I would term The Left Hand Path lately. I have been away from here focusing on studies in this vein, but I really feel it necessary to state my two cents on this topic.

In my opinion, the occult, Satanism, and Luciferianism are all essentially the same thing and that fragmenting them endlessly in order to turn a profit is actually doing more harm than good to those seeking to further themselves.

I have come to find that if something is true, it will manifest itself. Truth does not require Magi to “call it forth” with illusion and half understood psycho-babble. It does not require churches, or Guru’s. A few seeds of truth should be able to flourish and grow to deeper understanding, in accordance with ones Will. The more seeds of truth you find, the faster and more fully things flourish. And this, of course, depends on who and what you surround yourself with.

THIS is why the Left Hand Path is inherently individualized. We are individual manifestations.
Because of this, no two people will always perceive the same SEEDS of truth, even if they still perceive a similar truth overall.

The occult has always searched for enlightenment.
All things condemned by the Judeo Christian systems that have scourged so much of earth, were those which sought truth.

The “church” placed nearly all of it under one banner.
And that banner was evil, sin, and Satan.

They took the gods and systems that had sought to enlighten people through the aeons, and spliced them together into a Frankenstein-esque “Devil”. They forced enlightenment into the darkness. They taught those who were still able to see these bits of truth even within such darkness, that they were damned, evil, and internally corrupt. They taught people to ignore truth, and to ignore their Will.

They taught that enlightenment was sin.

And despite this, there have been people who, throughout the ages, have said “if truth is sinful, then I will be sinful!”
They have stood up, and said “I will be like your Satan, because I seek the truth, because I seek enlightenment.”

THAT is rebellion!

The whole world told them that they were wrong, yet they risked social status, career, well being, and their LIVES for enlightenment.

What enlightenment would exist today without the adversaries in the history of the occult?

There would be no truth left, but that which Christendom approved.

Would it not have been better for these people to have walked away? Would it not have been in the best interest of their self-preservation to settle into the “mundane” world of their time as so many are perfectly happy to do?

And why did they not? Why did they stand in opposition to the dogma of their time?

To pursue truth.

It sure as Hell was not simply to oppose the “status quo” as is so often taught today.

11 thoughts on “Enlightenment and the WHOLE Left Hand Path

  1. I’ve been thinking about part of what has been written on this post and I mean to ask you a few questions.

    First question: If Satan is basically an amalgamation of old pagan gods, meant to vilify old paganism, does the notion of Satan as Baal make sense? I ask because it is starting to seem less likely to make sense.

    Second question: Since Satan is just a title for Adversary, does it really matter if you venerate Satan as a goat symbol of lust and matter over spirit, or if you venerate Satan in an entirely different way, like as a horned force of light.

    Third question: Is it entirely against left-handed thinking to think about a concept similar to God, if not God itself? Not talking about Jehovah obviously because Jehovah is just a single deity whom the masses mistake for God itself, but rather a force. I ask this because, I’ve been thinking, if there’s a God, and God engenders the soul and life in this universe, wouldn’t it make sense for God to promote individuality rather than demand obeisance?

    Fourth (and I swear final) question: Have you ever represented Satan as a ram, or encountered such representation from others?


    1. I am super late to this, but to be honest, I didn’t have an answer to these questions before. They are good questions though, so I’d like to try and respond now.

      As to your first question, I don’t know if Satan is a an amalgamation of all the old Pagan gods, or just those considered adversaries by the religions that gained hold, but Baal does make a bit of sense from my perspective. Baal was one of the original deities who was an adversary of El, the Hebrew deity that laid the groundwork for the Old Testament god.

      To your second question, I don’t think it matters in the slightest how one venerates Satan. I think his essence is far larger than any of the adversarial faces people have assigned to it over the course of history. I think as long as WE know what we mean, that’s all that matters.

      To your third and what I consider most intriguing question, I don’t think considering the concept of God rather that of the Judeo-Christian “god” is against LHP thinking at all. There is a left side of every system, it is the side of individuality, of freedom, and hopefully of power. I think you are right it would make sense for such a “God to promote individuality rather than demand obeisance”. I don’t believe the entity I work with gives a rats ass how I practice or what I study, nor does He want “worship”. And yes, I have come to agree with you very much when you call it a Force. I just often find it easier to piece some of my theories together in mythological language first.

      And fourth question, no I have not ever represented him as a Ram. But yes, I do know others, mainly dark pagan practitioners who utilize Ram horns specifically to represent Him as another face or aspect of the Horned God, or Black Man of the Sabbat.

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  2. Chris Vernoux

    Wonderfully clear statement of the importance of individuality and the sacrifices truth may require of us. Not something you see among the typical “Satan represents indulgence” crowd. Truth can cost us.


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