Changing Direction


Ever since starting this blog, I have only ever written a handful of posts. Every time I post again I say to myself that I want to post more regularly, at least once or twice a week or so, but then I sit here with nothing to say. I have decided recently that I think this is because the direction of this blog is no longer as inspiring to me as it was when it first began.

The original goal was to break down the concepts and philosophies that I used in my practice and bring them into the everyday. Since around the time of starting this blog though, my practice has become more and more serious and many times I find that I can’t in all honesty break certain concepts down to any more “mundane” terms, so it often leaves me with a mind full of racing thoughts, and a perfectly blank page in front of me, but nothing whatsoever to actually say.

To cure this tongue tied writers block I think the best course of action would be to change the direction of this blog a bit. I want to begin utilizing this space to discuss my practice, to brainstorm with others, and to discuss the philosophy and beliefs that influence me. I thought originally that I should start a new blog, something completely fresh and just drop this one off of my radar, but I think I’d rather keep it up. Perhaps the old posts might serve a purpose and if nothing else they illustrate the changes in my understanding and perception over time.

So this is fair warning to any who do read this blog, things will be moving in a more “occult” direction. If that’s not your cup of tea feel free to unfollow, I know it doesn’t suit everyone’s taste and that’s quite alright. I can’t rationalize keeping a blog I don’t write it, or mentally spinning my wheels in silence while I have a perfectly good outlet available, so in an attempt to be honest with myself this appears to be a step in the right direction.


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6 thoughts on “Changing Direction

  1. What do you mean by “more ‘occult'” direction? To me that seems pretty broad. Do you mean traditional occultism? Satanism-related occultism? The wide gamut of occultism?


    1. It is a broad statement I suppose, I’m just not sure how else to word it. I find myself pulling from multiple occult systems and philosophies, and then building my own satanic philosophy and rituals off of what seems to work for me. I’d like a place to discuss those things. I don’t adhere to any one tradition or ideology, and I identify as both a Satanist and a Luciferian so I find myself working with bits of nearly everything in the occult, From Levi, to Crowley, to Chaos Magick, and so on. So there are no forums where I really fit, because many occultists prefer to distance themselves from the Satanism aspect or vice versa, but it’s an inherent piece of my practice.

      I think I want this blog to be more like a magickal diary, just in blog form. It clearly won’t be as personal as a real one, but I think it could be fun, and maybe lead to some interesting discussions with others.

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