Alchemy, Memory, and Archetypes


When we read literature or poetry especially, where the use of symbolism is blatantly on display, we conjure images in our minds; our own individual illustration of the words we are absorbing. I think this is what the Art of writing is about, as opposed to the act of writing, and its more literal purpose. The Art of writing is utilizing and weaving together words which are capable of conjuring images in others. Conjuration of these images occurs the  moment the words hit the human mind. Same as it does in the Art of storytelling.

Just like in the tarot, the Art is the card of Alchemy.


And I personally think that magickally speaking, this is also the moment in which our Archetypes are born.

Of course the Archetypes then evolve and in a sense, take on a life of their own from this point of conjuration. This moment is only the beginning of a process of evolution, which can be illustrated in humanity’s art. Whether it be longstanding artistic pursuits like music, literature, or painting, or more modern, and technologically advanced pursuits such as videos, or graphic design, the always present influence of myth, symbols, and our Archetypes cannot be denied.

I’m coming to the realization that spiritually “connecting the dots” is a bit like playing a constant game of Memory in the back of my mind.


In case anyone is unfamiliar with what I’m referring to; it’s a simple card game, one I happened to play with my grandparents as a kid. A deck of playing cards, often designed with child-friendly pictures of  animals, symbols, or fairy tale characters was laid face down on the table. Each person playing would then flip two cards over on their turn. The goal being to choose a matching pair. If they did not match, they were replaced face down again and your turn was over. The person who held the most pairs when there were no more cards to choose from was considered the winner. I’m sure there are variations, but that’s the one I happened to learn.

So then, what I mean when I say that this path becomes like the game Memory, is that often when I get these spiritual “aha!” moments that confirm theories or connect dots I already have floating around in my mind, I seem to get a flash of whatever mental image connects them, just like the location of the matching playing card would spring to mind in the game.  I do not know if this is something everyone experiences, but I have a feeling others likely know what I’m referring to.

For example, when I thought of this,  of the moment when our mind first creates these images and archetypes, the picture of the Baphomet initially came to mind. baphomet


Following this was the phrase Solve et Coagula which is of course engraved on Baphomet’s arms. This phrase then called forth the image of the Art card above, and the concept of Alchemy which is a science I initially discovered when researching what the phrase meant. This brought my thoughts full circle. The myths, or  the “above”, combine with us, the “below”, and are transmuted into our own individual Archetypes. This is the conjuration which brings the images to mind in the first place.

Artistic endeavors are in turn where humanity fleshes out the myths, and by thus doing so, we have been placing the influence of the myths and also the influence of the Archetypes, into the material world.  Again combining the Above and the Below, by literally taking an intangible spark of mythical illumination and placing it into the tangible clay of matter. Once it is in matter, once it is capable of existing outside ourselves, it then holds its own influence, in accord with each individual mind which perceives it.

The myths seem to spark the images and Archetypes which are born in our minds, and we then make them tangible through creation and the Art of alchemy. It seems also that this connection echos in the ever evolving creation of our spiritual paths through those “aha!” moments which resonate.