Dogmatic Attention Seekers

There is something that has been on my mind for quite a while and though I very much hold a live and let live philosophy, I don’t think I can bite my tongue any longer. I feel that in the Left Hand Path’s attempt to be “mainstream” as we see with modern Luciferian movements, a huge amount of the darkness and individuality which is the very lifeblood of the LHP is getting lost.

There is a very active attempt to water down the philosophies for public consumption. No different from how LaVey made a mockery of Satanism in the sixties. Now I’ll admit that as an occultist, the man had brilliant insights, but nevertheless he turned Satanism into a trashy, pretentious, joke of a philosophy. There is no doubt that being a laughing stock is better than being persecuted, and maybe that was the point of it all. But isn’t it about time we stop acting like those are the only two options? The only purpose such groups serve, from my perspective, is as an easy deflection to discredit my beliefs if I somehow get cornered into explaining them against my will. “Oh it’s all just smart ass anti-christian satire, nothing serious”, then I shrug it off and change the subject. They give me a facade to hide behind, but nothing more.

Now that Luciferianism is trying to break mainstream as well, I can’t help but see history repeating itself. Now, I want to state, this is not an attempt at mud slinging and so I will not name the organizations I am referring to. People are capable of seeking the information out on their own if they are so inclined. But, I have seen Luciferianism defined as a strictly atheist philosophy, same as Satanism was. On Luciferian and Satanic forums I have been attacked and mocked for holding theistic beliefs. I have been told I am not a “real” Luciferian because I worship Lucifer. I have seen pieces of propaganda officially published by Luciferian organizations stating that people only hold to theistic beliefs because they are too fearful to face reality, and that it is a Luciferian’s duty to help these cowardly theists “evolve” for the sake of humanity. When I publicly, and politely, confronted one of the heads of this organization about their redefining and apparent propaganda, I was accused of wanting to convert people to the “dark arts”. 

What is the purpose of castrating the spiritual elements of these philosophies? Why adhere to a LHP title, and then change it’s very meaning? And this is not to say that one can’t be atheist and Luciferian, of course they can. Anything LHP is individualistic by it’s very nature, and if someone finds that the archetype of Lucifer inspires them to be a better individual even without any belief in a spiritual element then good for them. The issue arises when one of these groups says something like “a Satanist does not worship Satan” or, “a Luciferian does not worship Lucifer”.


Some do, and some don’t. Defining either Satanism or Luciferianism as philosophies that must be atheistic is anti-individualistic, dogmatic, and an outright lie. Is it really so hard for so called “light-bearers” to speak the truth?  I see a bunch of adults clinging to a “scary” title for pure shock value and it’s no wonder we are all such a laughing stock to the mainstream. The LHP is becoming a parody of itself. These new organizations and “churches” want the title of Luciferian, and Satanist because it’s attention grabbing, it makes the headlines, it’s controversial, but the moment they have people’s attention they cower and say “No! We aren’t like THOSE people!” It’s a disgusting publicity stunt to gain membership dues, and it’s disrespectful to the rest of the occult.

Beyond this, a colleague of mine was telling me just recently that on a Luciferian forum he frequents, a woman made a post regarding cursing her rapist. The responses she received were saying that one should not practice dark magic, that she’d be best just forgiving the person and moving on with her life. Many others simply told her that there was no such thing as magick and that she was wasting her time. No one on the entire forum supported her or offered any useful information. Everyone who responded attempted to dissuade her.

Let that sink in for a moment.

An alleged victim of a violent crime came to a self proclaimed LHP forum, looking for LHP information, and was instead told to turn the other cheek. Whether you believe magick and curses work or not is beside the point. If someone is a practitioner and wants to practice dark magick, who on earth is anyone else to tell them they should not do so? If someone has been victimized and is looking for ways to bring about justice, who is anyone else to tell them to simply accept their victim hood instead?

I say fuck that! If someone assaults me and my only method of recourse is magick, you bet your ass I’m going to use it. If one can’t curse their rapist, then exactly who could one curse? When is dark magick socially acceptable to these castrated and Christianized LHP organizations? What is the purpose of dark magick at all, if not for in such horrendous situations?

There is such a push to be respected in the mainstream. I understand that desire, I truly do. But not at the expense of alienating actual practitioners or redefining words to better fit an agenda.  I find myself growing increasingly disgusted with the state of the modern occult. Over and over these philosophies are neutered and dressed up in cheap goth garb before being paraded around in the public eye. There will be no respect because there is nothing to respect. It’s a fucking joke.