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Thoth tarot – Aleister Crowley. Trump V – The Heirophant (Pope) (Symbol of deep spiritual growth and understanding)

This will be an anonymous-ish blog. The point of which is to shed some light on what it really means to be a Luciferian or in loose terms a “Satanist”. There is a visceral hatred for the Left Hand Path (LHP) which is fueled almost entirely by misconceptions and fear. I am an everyday woman in my late 20’s. I work, go to school, play in a local symphony and adore my two (completely spoiled) pugs. I think I am fairly “normal” and it’s about time someone broke down the barriers formed by the (sometimes) necessary dark imagery and reputation.

As I’m sure many others on this path can attest to, once you tell someone you are a Luciferian, or that you study anything in the LHP they immediately start asking questions that might be offensive if it wasn’t for the fact that they are so damn silly. I’ll first try to try and answer some of those more entertaining basics;

1. “So, do you sacrifice babies, animals,  virgins, etc?”

First and foremost: NO.

Seriously? You think I could hurt this face???

A main tenant in all LHP systems is that each living creature has his/her own WILL. Up to a certain point, this can sometimes be equated the the christian idea of a “soul”, but it does get a bit more complex than that (we’ll discuss that another day). With this in mind, why would any LHP practitioner try and influence or harm another creature’s WILL? To do so would require going against the very foundations of their beliefs. This is christian propaganda and fear mongering. Nothing more.

2. OK, but you’re evil or something?

I don’t consider myself evil at all. The word Lucifer means Light bringer or light bearer, typically this is understood as meaning the bringer of knowledge or enlightenment. Just for a moment, to make a simple point, take the biblical story of Adam and Eve in the garden. The tree that they were commanded not to eat from was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and yet this is the tree that bore that fruit which the serpent used to tempt Eve. It sure looks to me as if Lucifer was giving Eve a choice. Eat the fruit and fight for your own freedom, or don’t, stay naive to the truth and stay sheltered and safe here in the garden. In this type of literary depiction I don’t see the serpent doing anything evil. In fact, it is much more detrimental to man to shelter him, and allow him to become weak.

Adam and Eve

The bible and most Right Hand Path (RHP) beliefs will tell you that going against “GOD” is evil. That anything other than obedience can lead you to sin and damnation. This sounds a lot like more fear mongering and scare tactics to try and frighten people into blind obedience. I mean, why else they threaten you with an eternity of “fire and brimstone”, if it isn’t meant as a scare tactic?

I define evil in a much more philosophical sense;

Evil is stagnation, weakness and decay. Evil is anything that warps our sense of purpose and self into something destructive. Evil is found in the lies that dogma often creates to support itself.


3. But you really worship the Devil?

That depends on who you ask. This is where things get more complex, but here’s a (very) basic breakdown of some general principles:

Satanist (Church of Satan, LaVey):

This was really the first “satanic” church to appear in the modern era. It was founded in 1966 by Anton Szandor LaVey, and is responsible for releasing THE SATANIC BIBLE, as well as numerous other writings that helped bring the LHP more into the “mainstream”.

Church of Satan (CoS) members do not believe in Satan as a literal deity. They follow an atheistic belief system, they view “Satan” as a symbol or an archetype for the necessary rebellion and individualized free thinking that true enlightenment requires. 

Gnostic Satanist (Gnostic Luciferian):

Gnostic symbol of Abraxus

I view gnostic satanists as a sort of “middle ground” between the atheist beliefs of the Church of Satan and it’s followers and the more “traditional” beliefs of theistic satanists.

The term gnostic, is a Greek word that means learned knowledge

Gnostic Satanism is just that, it’s all about learning. Much like the CoS satanists, most gnostic satanists see Lucifer as a bringer of light (knowledge), and so they study everything. It is quite common to hear a gnostic satanist talk of studying philosophy, ancient cultures, psychology, and theology on top of any type of LHP topics.

I have found essentially NO difference between Gnostic Christan beliefs and Gnostic Satanist beliefs, aside from perspective.

Some are atheistic and others believe in a more literal manifestation of Lucifer, but no information is turned away. In fact many people who currently define themselves as either an atheistic satanist or a theistic satanist, only decided such after extensive study of the gnostic subjects.

Theistic Satanist (theistic Luciferian):

The Baphomet

Now this is where you may find bits of so called “devil worship”. Though that word in itself is very misleading. Theistic Satanists believe in a literal being (or energy) that previous cultures have named Satan, Lucifer, Set, Prometheus, etc… but the one thing to keep in mind is that Satanists and Luciferians alike understand that their WILL is just as important as the will of any “deity” so there is very little (if any) actual “worship”. You will often find a sense of reverence and respect, rather than a need to “bow”.

 All of these concepts get much more in depth, and there are numerous other organizations and groups that deserve study,  but I wanted to at least give a brief explanation to start. Hopefully you learned something new, and if not then you will soon (hopefully). Please feel free to comment or message me, I’d love all the feedback I can get!

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