A Mythicist and a Theist

The term “mythicist” was a new one for me. I came across it a few weeks ago while listening to an episode of Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio on YouTube (though, for the life of me, I can’t remember which episode exactly). The term apparently applies to the Christ Myth Theory, which holds that there is no proof of a historical Jesus, and even if there were by chance a historical Jesus, he would have little to do with the archetype he became, and even less so with the church that spawned. It is often now extended and used as a term for those who view all supernatural aspects of the worlds various religions as pure mythology.

I feel that I should be acquainted with the Judeo-Christian stories out of necessity so this is the exact approach I take when looking into them. And even to take it that one step further; I also think it is a healthy approach to take when looking into any mythology or belief system. When we start off by seeing these archetypes as flesh and blood we run the risk of becoming almost dogmatic in our perceptions of them. Or, even worse, we run the risk of projecting our own human baggage onto them. When first delving into a new mythology I find that viewing things with the widest lens possible tends to help me avoid putting these Archetypes into boxes which often limit their potential, at least magickally speaking.

But at the same time, I am a theistic practitioner. This puts me in a different boat than most mythicists because I do not believe that the supernatural (or maybe more appropriately supra-natural) is impossible. I hold the opinion that the essence we know as Satan or Lucifer (or any of the endless names that have been used) is very real and can be tangible in various ways through practice.

I see no issue with holding both views at once because I do not believe any single culture, text, or belief system holds the “truth” (if such a thing even exists). The Deity I venerate is, in my opinion, something vast, chaotic, and primordial, which could not possibly be known in It’s entirety by any one person, coven, or church. Similar to how no single person in my life sees all aspects of me. Who I appear to be to my mother is not the same person I appear to be to my significant other. Who I appear to be to my significant other is not who I appear to be to my coworkers, etc. And if for some reason you wanted to understand me by asking these individuals to define me, you would get very different descriptions of who I am as a person. All of these descriptions would show aspects of me, but none of them would properly define me as a whole. This, I think is what happens when we try and understand our Deities and Archetypes by taking the literal word of the myths. Each myth is just a snapshot frozen in a specific time and culture, and is then further eroded by translation, politics, and unfortunately even literal erosion.

I was told  a short while back that “God is man writ large, and man is God writ small”. (The capital G here is denoting the concept of Deity, rather than a specific god.) If this holds true, and I am of the opinion that it may, then I’d say the myths and their subsequent religions can define Deities only as well as a coworker or an ex might be able to define you or I. So I think the myths themselves actually hold very little weight. But, they can certainly form a foundation for our understanding, especially when viewed comparatively.

A call to the left hand (personal opinion)


Hello all,

Forgive me for the delay, I have been plagued with real life issues lately. But I am back and do not intend to stay away that long again. Today’s blog will be a bit different. In a moment of clarity an old essay that I wrote popped into my mind. I reread it and spruced it up a bit and realized that it would fit very nicely here.


In today’s modern world, I, like many others assume that life revolves around work, bills and when the time is available, family and friends. From the bustling people I see around me, this is the conclusion I have drawn. But still, in this age of less time, but more technology and education there are social and cultural wars being fought around us daily. And I don’t mean the big wars in the Middle East or the gang wars in the large cities. I mean the stigma wars that take place in so called religious societies. In the eighties this country had a shameful and childish “Satanic scare” that was a media circus version of the Salem witch trials. And now in the new millennia there are conspiracy theories infiltrating the minds of the general population. Some are silly and laughable but some have lead normal suburban type people to hatred and violence.

Those who consider themselves Right Hand Path followers have the luxury of a bigoted point of view. They are surrounded by a like-minded culture where they can pick and choose who they decide to treat as a peer. Not to say in any way that everyone who follows the right hand path is bigoted, that would be an unfair generalization that I in no way intend to make. There are many who are educated, civil and loving people who feel that is the path they belong on, and I salute them for being shining examples of humanity. But they are all too often surrounded by people who are uneducated and far from civil and who feel nothing but fear and hatred. These people have become far too abundant. Their strength lies in their numbers not in their message.

Now my opinion may be biased, but, as a solitary follower of the Left Hand Path I do not have the option of only associating with those who share my views. And I think this is a good thing, I think that such isolation would lead to closed minded thinking, it would cause a halt to my personal evolution and it would make it far too easy to view “outsiders” as enemies or as something to be fearful of. Rather, I think it is better to immerse myself in a culture of multiple viewpoints. Not only does it give me opportunities to learn and experience another way of viewing the world but it allows me to see my own belief system through different perspectives. Doing so keeps me honest. It builds my personal faith; it does not destroy or weaken it. I do not fear that understanding another person’s idea of god is going to weaken my faith in my own, but rather it helps me to see my gods and my faith as a whole in a way that I may not have looked at it otherwise.

To be fearful of another belief or of another’s god would mean that I believed there was a weakness in my faith, or a weakness in my god that would give them access and allow them to “lead me astray”. What these bigoted right hand path followers don’t understand is that their actions show that their personal faith is weak. They believe that they as humans need to protect their “omnipotent” god from outside ideas that could weaken and destroy him. It is as if they don’t even realize that they are disrespecting their god more than any outsider ever could.

I believe Lucifer is strong, I believe he was born out of chaos and that his adversarial ways give him an inner strength that he wouldn’t have had he the option of sitting back and basking in the worship of his followers. I know that living my life as a quiet adversary to the culture around me has made me a better person. It has made me look at my morals from every angle. It has allowed me to play devil’s advocate with my faith (excuse the awful pun). Through doing so, I have found my personal weaknesses and have had no choice but to rectify them. Those of the Right Hand Path have condemned themselves to a culture where they are never questioned. When questioning stops, learning stops, evolution stops and humanities advancement is utterly halted. People become compliant and fearful of losing their comfortable place in the safe center of the social ladder, where all of their misunderstood regurgitated words allow them to be accepted within a culture of spiritual stagnation. But acceptance is acceptance I suppose.

Now, though I am thankful that I do not have the option of becoming stalled and compliant it does not mean that ignorant violence is to be tolerated under any circumstances. This stagnated culture wants a shock; it wants the adrenaline rush that it’s primal instincts need and it will create monsters to fight even when such monsters do not exist. Now those of us who stand as adversaries know that we are possible candidates to become their new monsters. In their minds we are far more fearful than ever logically possible. Some of the Left Hand Path relishes this position, but all of us must understand that such misunderstood thinking is infectious. The more we hear of small random acts of violence the more we must come to realize that there is a chance, always a chance of organized violence against those of us who choose to walk another path. Such behavior calls to mind images of the stake.

As much as many on the left hand path may enjoy playing the part of the adversary, it is essential to know when and where to allow such behavior to take over your personality. Do not fall victim to the mistakes that many make in allowing themselves to become aloof or to feel invincible. Be yourself while also being members of society on some level. I say this as a plea to all on the left hand path, I do not wish to see anyone victimized by hatred or misunderstanding. I in no way mean back down or hide your beliefs. Stand for them until the end. My intent is to say that you must on occasion field the questions of those on the right hand path; do not play mind games, answer them honestly. For everyone on this path who has said some idiotic comment to terrify an already frightened mind, another of our path has likely been persecuted.

We as followers of the left hand path will never be fully understood by the mass population, and we would have it no other way, but, we can save ourselves and others from unnecessary violence if we make an attempt to be educated and civil. Many of this path know this already and to them I owe my gratitude, but there are, unfortunately, many more who feel that it is necessary to play the part and speak theatrically to the “sheep” they see around them. They think that it is a way of rebelling; an amusing game. But, it drags everyone’s name down. It gives fuel to the fires of such intolerant bigotry. I do not respect the sheep mentality but I understand that we on the left hand path must choose our individual battles while still respecting the others of our path, even if we have never met them.


This quote by Aleister Crowley can be found in “The Book of the Law”, and is a main tenant of his belief system; Thelema.

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Satanism for social equality

Good evening all,

social equality

I know we have all been bombarded with recent news stories surrounding certain satanic groups and their involvement in social politics and free speech. Some support it, some hate it, some think they have clever ways of proving a point, others are disgusted and think satanic groups are too ridiculous to even give attention to. That got me thinking that many people may have no idea where the LHP in general stands on certain issues.

I don’t know who said this, but it made me giggle

Most LHP organizations are very supportive of social equality, for race, gender, orientation, religion (obviously), or anything else. Often in pagan circles you will hear people talking of “coming out”. Now, I don’t mention this to be disrespectful the the hardships that most LGBT people face when coming out to family and friends. Obviously my rather controversial beliefs are a choice that I had the option to make, which makes my situation quite different. But, in one aspect we are the sameWe have a fear of being rejected, often a fear of abuse or being disowned, we too have a need to keep this part of ourselves “quiet” in the workplace. (Would my fundamentalist boss still consider me for that raise if she knew I was “satanic”)?


Many member’s of the LHP community have been physically, verbally, and mentally abused by family members who discovered their beliefs, kicked out and cut off while they were still a minor, or disowned as an adult (for never growing up into a “normal” church going person). I myself spent most of my teen years getting severely abused for my beliefs (whipped, punched, choked,), and forced into “church counseling” where I was repeatedly told that I was evil, and that I could only rationalize my beliefs because I was possessed (I wish I was kidding). I have been lucky enough to remove myself from that situation, but it took me into adulthood before I could do so.


I say all this to say, anyone that has heard that satanist are skinheads, or homophobic, or misogynistic has been ill informed.  (The Baphomet is made of both genders…) We are all quite aware of how terrible social “witch hunts” can be (I mean obviously..shudder). Now, do LHP “denominations” or temples exist with those beliefs? Unfortunately I have come across one or two, but they are very small and mocked by the larger LHP community as a whole for having such utterly backward beliefs.
(Kind of like how most Christians might view the Westboro Baptist Church lol)

Equality and understanding is the only thing that will keep horrors like this from occurring to any group of people.

Again, I don’t speak for any specific group, I can only speak from what I have seen first hand. The LHP as a whole believes in individuality above all else, never let anything or anyone stop you from being who you truly are.

The “black flame”


Thoth tarot , trump XVII – The Star. Aleister Crowley. (Symbol of a “guiding light”, harmony and balance).


Thanks for coming back =)

Anyone who has spoken with others who follow the LHP or who has done a bit of research has likely come across the phrase “the black flame”. This is really a very important concept (possibly the single most important concept), but it seems like it has become convoluted and has become the cause of many, many, misunderstandings. This is the 3rd post for this blog, so in the vein of completion, I’d like to give you a cursory understanding of this very core concept as we reach the close of what I will consider our introduction.


Seal of the Infernal Union – to many this symbolizes the concept of the black flame


The black flame is a symbolic term. It is essentially the LHP term for the “divine spark” that resides in us all. Over the centuries, many philosophers and religious figures have tried to define what differentiates humans from the rest of animal kingdom.

Remember that LHP practitioners believe that Satan/Lucifer/Set/Prometheus etc..is a symbol of knowledge (all knowledge), it is necessary to understanding this concept. I personally believe that having a deep and balanced understanding of both “good” and
bad” knowledge (for lack of a better term)  is what fuels that spark within us.

There is no truly universal definition of this, because much like when you are asked to define your soul, you realize, it can be a very personal definition. But to most LHP practitioners, the black flame is what separates humans from the animals, it’s what burns with in us as the chaotic, rebellious, even sometimes destructive spirit that is necessary to lead to innovation, advancement, and in many cases beauty. According to some, this spark is what initially lead man to more creative endeavors such as music and art.


There are also some very prominent Luciferian groups who believe that a balance between light and dark energies and similarly, male and female energies, is needed to really manifest this sense of self enlightenment. In some sects this concept is defined by a sexual union of two deities; Lilith (pre-christian goddess, mythological queen of hell), and Samael who has both been defined as a demon of war and passion, and, as a being synonymous with Satan himself. This pair is also viewed by many as a sort of opposite but parallel version of what Adam and Eve represent.


I agree with this sentiment, I think a balanced understanding off all the energies both around us and within us, is necessary to know thyself and fuel the spark within us. And so, to close this introduction with a bit of a personal note, here is a short poem I wrote as a way of trying to illustrate my personal interpretation of the black flame;

The flame dances before me
Casting shadows across my world.
It ignites from deep within,
And is born beyond bliss.
I can see truth now,
It emanates from my eyes.
And as such I can see deception,
The whirlwind that is all around.
But, I fear it not,
I am no longer in its darkness,
No longer drowning in that naïve abyss,
This flame has destroyed such lies.
I do not stand within the light,
For now it burns within me.
A raging passion that drives me forward,
And the peace of intuition.

flame 2

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So, now a bit about me…

Lilith – John Collier (1887)

Hello again,

Now that you know some of the basics of Satanism / Luciferianism (from here on out I will group them together as LHP unless a distinction is necessary) I can tell you a bit about myself and my personal beliefs.


I suppose one of the first thing I should mention is that I am not a member of any order, church, temple, or organization. I have never been initiated or baptized into any belief system or religion, and I fully intend to keep it that way. Everything I state or believe is personal to me, I do not claim to speak for anyone other than myself. Order’s, churches, and temples can be wonderful things at certain times, but in general I feel that dogmatically organized religion leads to stagnation.

(Unfortunately, this is a necessary note:)

To any of you who have heard or read silly rumors about the “ILLUMINATI” or the dreaded “New World Order”; I’m sorry to disappoint you, but that whole idea is absolutely hilarious, not just to myself but to every follower of the LHP I’ve ever met or spoken to. (Seriously, not to be mean to anyone that has been sucked into that, but it has lead to a lot of jokes).


Anyway here goes:


I define myself as a Theistic Luciferian. I believe that there is a “deity” (or possibly just a current of energy), which humans throughout history have referred to as Satan, Lucifer, Set, Prometheus, etc… basically I believe that this deity or energy is able to help lead the human mind to knowledge, strength and complete empowerment.

I consciously chose to use the term Luciferian rather than Satanist to try and avoid some of the cognitive “gut reactions” that the word satanist causes. I believe that as far as Christianity is concerned, they used both names for the same entity. Lucifer was one of god’s favored angels, but once he “fell” he was called Satan, which just means adversary. The way I see it, the name Satan was used as an insult, similar to referring to him as an “asshole”.

Actually this brings a basic theology question to mind, I’d like you to consider if you’re willing:

If god creates each angel with a purpose (Michael, the warrior, Lucifer the light bringer, etc…) then how would Lucifer have “rebelled” in a negative sense?

My belief is that if Lucifer was created to shed light and knowledge, then it stands to reason that such desires drive his every action. The only logical reason he would “rebel”, especially against his beloved creator, is if God’s intentions for man were different than his (which I personally believe is represented by the story of Adam and Eve).

I don’t expect to change anyone’s mind, I just think it’s a perspective that doesn’t often get considered.

Anyway, as I was saying, I never refer to Lucifer as Satan in my work, I personally believe it would disrespectful. Wanting to be respectful does not mean that I worship anyone. I do not, and have never “worshiped” Lucifer, or “sold” my soul.

Seems like a pretty silly concept to me =)

I believe that we as humans are created with with same potential as any “deity” that we’ve come to recognize. I’m certainly not going to sell off my potential to anyone, it doesn’t matter whether his name is God or Lucifer.

I serve no one but myself, but I have a respect for the knowledge that the LHP has lead me to. I respect Lucifer (Set, Promethius, etc…) for what he represents and what he has helped me manifest in my life.

Thoth Tarot – Trump XIV, Art. Aleister Crowley (Symbol of the concept of balance, alchemy, and essentially creation)

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Some basics

Hello all,


Thoth tarot – Aleister Crowley. Trump V – The Heirophant (Pope) (Symbol of deep spiritual growth and understanding)

This will be an anonymous-ish blog. The point of which is to shed some light on what it really means to be a Luciferian or in loose terms a “Satanist”. There is a visceral hatred for the Left Hand Path (LHP) which is fueled almost entirely by misconceptions and fear. I am an everyday woman in my late 20’s. I work, go to school, play in a local symphony and adore my two (completely spoiled) pugs. I think I am fairly “normal” and it’s about time someone broke down the barriers formed by the (sometimes) necessary dark imagery and reputation.

As I’m sure many others on this path can attest to, once you tell someone you are a Luciferian, or that you study anything in the LHP they immediately start asking questions that might be offensive if it wasn’t for the fact that they are so damn silly. I’ll first try to try and answer some of those more entertaining basics;

1. “So, do you sacrifice babies, animals,  virgins, etc?”

First and foremost: NO.

Seriously? You think I could hurt this face???

A main tenant in all LHP systems is that each living creature has his/her own WILL. Up to a certain point, this can sometimes be equated the the christian idea of a “soul”, but it does get a bit more complex than that (we’ll discuss that another day). With this in mind, why would any LHP practitioner try and influence or harm another creature’s WILL? To do so would require going against the very foundations of their beliefs. This is christian propaganda and fear mongering. Nothing more.

2. OK, but you’re evil or something?

I don’t consider myself evil at all. The word Lucifer means Light bringer or light bearer, typically this is understood as meaning the bringer of knowledge or enlightenment. Just for a moment, to make a simple point, take the biblical story of Adam and Eve in the garden. The tree that they were commanded not to eat from was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and yet this is the tree that bore that fruit which the serpent used to tempt Eve. It sure looks to me as if Lucifer was giving Eve a choice. Eat the fruit and fight for your own freedom, or don’t, stay naive to the truth and stay sheltered and safe here in the garden. In this type of literary depiction I don’t see the serpent doing anything evil. In fact, it is much more detrimental to man to shelter him, and allow him to become weak.

Adam and Eve

The bible and most Right Hand Path (RHP) beliefs will tell you that going against “GOD” is evil. That anything other than obedience can lead you to sin and damnation. This sounds a lot like more fear mongering and scare tactics to try and frighten people into blind obedience. I mean, why else they threaten you with an eternity of “fire and brimstone”, if it isn’t meant as a scare tactic?

I define evil in a much more philosophical sense;

Evil is stagnation, weakness and decay. Evil is anything that warps our sense of purpose and self into something destructive. Evil is found in the lies that dogma often creates to support itself.


3. But you really worship the Devil?

That depends on who you ask. This is where things get more complex, but here’s a (very) basic breakdown of some general principles:

Satanist (Church of Satan, LaVey):

This was really the first “satanic” church to appear in the modern era. It was founded in 1966 by Anton Szandor LaVey, and is responsible for releasing THE SATANIC BIBLE, as well as numerous other writings that helped bring the LHP more into the “mainstream”.

Church of Satan (CoS) members do not believe in Satan as a literal deity. They follow an atheistic belief system, they view “Satan” as a symbol or an archetype for the necessary rebellion and individualized free thinking that true enlightenment requires. 

Gnostic Satanist (Gnostic Luciferian):

Gnostic symbol of Abraxus

I view gnostic satanists as a sort of “middle ground” between the atheist beliefs of the Church of Satan and it’s followers and the more “traditional” beliefs of theistic satanists.

The term gnostic, is a Greek word that means learned knowledge

Gnostic Satanism is just that, it’s all about learning. Much like the CoS satanists, most gnostic satanists see Lucifer as a bringer of light (knowledge), and so they study everything. It is quite common to hear a gnostic satanist talk of studying philosophy, ancient cultures, psychology, and theology on top of any type of LHP topics.

I have found essentially NO difference between Gnostic Christan beliefs and Gnostic Satanist beliefs, aside from perspective.

Some are atheistic and others believe in a more literal manifestation of Lucifer, but no information is turned away. In fact many people who currently define themselves as either an atheistic satanist or a theistic satanist, only decided such after extensive study of the gnostic subjects.

Theistic Satanist (theistic Luciferian):

The Baphomet

Now this is where you may find bits of so called “devil worship”. Though that word in itself is very misleading. Theistic Satanists believe in a literal being (or energy) that previous cultures have named Satan, Lucifer, Set, Prometheus, etc… but the one thing to keep in mind is that Satanists and Luciferians alike understand that their WILL is just as important as the will of any “deity” so there is very little (if any) actual “worship”. You will often find a sense of reverence and respect, rather than a need to “bow”.

 All of these concepts get much more in depth, and there are numerous other organizations and groups that deserve study,  but I wanted to at least give a brief explanation to start. Hopefully you learned something new, and if not then you will soon (hopefully). Please feel free to comment or message me, I’d love all the feedback I can get!

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